I am a senior at Boston University studying International Relations and pursuing a minor in Journalism. Within the International Relations major, I have a regional concentration in Europe, as well as a functional concentration in International Systems and World Order.


Throughout my college career, I have studied the history of International Relations from the late 1800s to the present day, diplomatic practice, peacekeeping, social movements, and the fundamentals of intelligence agencies. Additionally, I completed several courses on nuclear governance and news writing practices. As part of these classes, I wrote several policy memos, op-eds, news stories, and features. 


When in the workplace, I strive to be versatile and am always eager to learn. I am confident in my writing abilities, attention to detail, positive attitude, and research savvy. Additionally, I hold limited working proficiency in the Russian and Spanish languages. My skillset shines when using my inquisitive nature to explore solutions to policy issues such as obstacles of rule of law, and illustrating these solutions in varied written form.


In creative pursuits, my passion lies in photography. Through taking photos, I seek the world's beauty hidden by the naked eye. While I prefer nature and portrait photography, I am knowledgeable about many genres of photography and various editing methods/platforms, notably Adobe Lightroom. During this semester I have taken a photography course where I expanded my creative skillset and gained some proficiency in Adobe Photoshop.


On-campus, I have engaged with the BU community as a writer and editor for Her Campus and a member of the Kappa Alpha Theta sorority. Within Kappa Alpha Theta, I am the Chief Administrative Officer, where I am responsible for maintaining the chapter's day-to-day functions and infrastructure.


Whether I am pursuing an invoking photo, writing my next article, or in the workplace, I always seek to not only fulfill my responsibilities but extend beyond them. I am always eager to tackle new projects and learn from those around me. I strongly believe in the importance of surrounding oneself with other perspectives and viewpoints, and seek cultural awareness through this.


Please continue through my resume, publications, and creative works to see how my skillset is displayed in practice.

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