"Radiation illnesses and COVID-19 in the Navajo Nation"

Throughout Fall 2020, Professor Jayita Sarkar and I developed this research essay which was later published in the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists in February 2021. The essay describes the various forms of radiation illnesses and infrastructure affected by radiation contamination that have exacerbated the COVID-19 crisis in the Navajo Nation. 

EXCERPT: "In Indigenous lands where nuclear weapons testing took place during the Cold War and the legacy of uranium mining persists, Indigenous people are suffering from a double whammy of long-term illnesses from radiation exposure and the COVID-19 pandemic. Yet, we have not witnessed in the mainstream media and policy outlets a frank discussion of how the two public health crises have created an intractable situation for Indigenous communities. The Diné are drinking poisoned water, putting them at risk for more severe coronavirus infections."


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"Race and Radioactivity: Global Interconnectedness across Nuclear Sites"

As a member of the BU Pardee School Global Decolonization Initiative Nuclear Sites team, I received the opportunity to co-present at the Princeton Science and Global Security Seminar in April 2021.

We highlighted the pattern of marginalized groups, specifically people of color, being disenfranchised by mismanaged nuclear sites. For my part of the presentation, I discussed my case study on Ozyorsk, Russia. 

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