I first fell in love with photography when I was thirteen while admiring the newly blossomed flowers in my background. From there, I took several photography classes in high school, notably AP 2D Design where I concentrated in high contrast photography through the pursuit of light versus shadows. 
    Since then, I have captured nature, portraits, social justice themes, and urban surroundings. In August 2019, I opened a Redbubble online store where I sell prints, journals, stickers, pillowcases, and more with my photos displayed on them. I continuously strive to improve as a photographer and build my repertoire.
    In Spring 2020, I completed a photography course in pursuit of my Journalism minor. As a result, I have expanded my creative skillset and gained some proficiency in the use of Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. 

To see some more of my photos, feel free to check out my Redbubble store by pressing the arrow below!